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  Random Elements by Kate Donovan


Actress Nikki Gower loved portraying a kick-ass federal agent on her hit TV show, Trace Elements, and got an even bigger thrill when she was brought in to work a real case alongside sexy Special Agent Josh Saxon. When her show was unexpectedly canceled and she was given the chance to join the real FBI—and make her hot romance with Josh permanent—she knew it was destiny.


  Trace Elements by Kate Donovan


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Special Agent Annika Trace is the hottest thing in law enforcement—at least on TV. Her long legs, designer suits, and hunky sidekick have garnered millions of fans, one of whom—a four-year-old kidnap victim named Linzie—is refusing to talk to the real FBI. In desperation, Special Agent Trace—a.k.a. actress Nikki Gower—is called in to help.



The Lost Art of Love by Kate Donovan

Samhain Publishing


Gracie is fully supportive of her friends’ series of how-to videos to preserve “lost arts”—until they ask her to star in The Lost Art of Tying a Bow Tie. It’s not that she can’t tie one, it’s the man on the receiving end of her skilled fingers.

Mitch McKenna’s rugged, shirtless demonstrations of his prodigious survival skills have set the Internet on fire. He and city-girl Gracie have often clashed over his domineering, he-man ways. But when he shows up clean shaven and dressed in a tux, he takes her breath away.

Though their scorching-hot chemistry lights up the set—and the glorious nights that follow at his wilderness hideaway—Mitch is alarmed by the sheer number of online perverts who respond to Gracie’s beauty.

She balks as his protective instincts take over, and their quarrel sends her running back to the city. Mitch now faces a grim decision: protect her the only way he knows how, and lose her love. Or do it her way, and risk losing her forever.


Athena Force

Cover art Copyright © 2006 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited.

4 1/2 Stars

Romantic Times BOOKreviews



Cata Romance RCA Winner!

Harlequin Books

Book 3 in the ATHENA FORCE Continuity Adventure Series

As an undercover asset for the FBI, Sasha Bracciali has learned to deceive with finesse and to improvise at a moment’s notice. But nothing could have prepared her for the multiple roles – Mafia princess, seductress, co-conspirator – she must play when she’s sent to the eastern European fortress of Vlados Zelasko, a charismatic despot who has kidnapped an Athena Academy student in order to exploit her super abilities.

Cut off from everything and everyone she knows – including the FBI handler with whom she’s been having a tentative affair – Sasha realizes too late that her talent for deception has masked a painful truth: she has no idea who she really is, what she really believes, or whom she can really trust. But she’d better figure it all out quickly, or her most ambitious charade to date will also be her last.


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Spin Control


Copyright 2006, Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Romantic Times BOOKreviews Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee!

Silhouette Bombshell, September 2006

SPIN CONTROL: without it, the truth can be murder

When FBI agent Justin Russo is charged with murdering a suspect – one with whom he has been sleeping, no less! – attorney Suzannah Ryder knows exactly how she’ll “spin” the facts. After all, Justin has the spotless record of a bona fide hero. Plus, he’s sexy as sin, so she’ll just stack the jury with females as a back-up plan.

Her faith in her client’s innocence is unshakable. Until, without warning, she finds herself looking into Justin’s face and sees an expression so unfamiliar, so chilling, she knows she can no longer hope to spin the truth.

She can only hope to survive it...



Cataromance 2005 Reviewers' Choice Award Winner!

Best Silhouette Bombshell, 2005 Romantic Times BOOKclub Reviewers Choice Awards Nominee!


 Exit Strategy


Copyright 2005, Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Silhouette Bombshell, November 2005

In Exit Strategy, a rookie CIA agent named Miranda Cutler is recruited to provide a fake alibi for Ray Ortega, a CIA legend, whom she’s told has been framed for murder. She’s thrilled by the prestigious assignment and by the sparks that fly between her and Ortega. But the assignment backfires on her, almost ruining her career. Needless to say she’s bitter.

One year later, Miranda is again asked to work with Ortega. Their assignment? Infiltrate an international cartel suspected of engaging in covert paramilitary operations. Unwilling to make the same mistake twice, she strikes out on her own to thwart the conspiracy. Her refusal to trust Ortega may cost her her life, but at least her heart is safe from his calculated manipulations. Or so she thinks.


4 1/2 Stars!  Romantic Times BOOKclub TOP PICK!




Best Silhouette Bombshell, 2005 Romantic Times BOOKclub Reviewers Choice Awards Nominee!


 Parallel Lies

Copyright 2005, Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Silhouette Bombshell, May 2005

What do you do when you realize that the hunky guy who took your younger sister on a romantic getaway to an undisclosed location may actually be the assassin who killed your father five years earlier? If you’re lucky, Dad was a CIA agent who used games and toys to teach you his trade during childhood. Plus you’ve got the Glock he gave you for graduation! Now you just need the so-called professionals to stay out of your way!  

4 1/2 Stars! 

Romantic Times BOOKClub Top Pick!

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Copyright 2004, Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Silhouette Bombshell, November 2004

IDENTITY CRISIS is the story of Kristie Hennessy, a psychologist/profiler who works behind the scenes with the FBI. A quiet, academic type, Kristie develops a flamboyant, kick-ass “virtual operative” named Melissa to help her provide complete support to agents in the field. To the chagrin of their supervisor, the line between Kristie and Melissa starts to blur. And when their new love interest becomes a suspect in a high-profile homicide investigation, their strengths - and weaknesses - merge into one gutsy female determined to find the truth about the murder -and about herself.

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Stolen Kisses by Kate Donovan


Winner of a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award!


Samhain Publishing

My first contemporary romance was STOLEN KISSES, a madcap comedy in which a feisty defense attorney named Josie is manipulated by her matchmaker grandmother into helping handsome FBI agent Locke Harper solve an old homicide case in which Grandma was the main witness. Locke’s grandfather was the original investigator in that case, and he’s convinced Grandpa was too distracted by Grandma’s charms to concentrate. Locke doesn’t intend to let that happen again, even though Josie is pretty distracting in her own right.


Harmless Error



ISBN 0-7595-5023-9

In HARMLESS ERROR, a screwball romantic comedy with suspense overtones, celebrated criminal defense attorney Derek Grainger has used all his charisma, concentration and skill to free his client, yet still hasn’t succeeded. Now he turns to brash newcomer Laurel Banyon, hoping that her unconventional approach to criminal law will be more effective. Why do they care so much? Because their client, a reclusive man named George Perry, controls the fate of Derek’s five-year-old daughter Amy.

Amy is all Derek cares about, yet Laurel is irresistible and time is running out. Can these two professionals handle the challenge without the distraction of falling in love? Or does their love hold the key to the solution?


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